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THE WORLD FITNESS GUILD is a not-for-profit organization founded upon the belief that health is your greatest wealth. We are advocates for physical fitness in all forms, we promote the benefits of leading an active lifestyle and we recognize outstanding achievements in physical fitness.


Dan Lurie is an iconic founding father of bodybuilding who several times in his heyday won the Mr. America title of “America’s Most Muscular Man”. He made history arm wrestling President Ronald Reagan on the Oval Office desk of The White House, he sparred with Arnold Schwarzenegger and went toe-to-toe with Joe Weider. Sylvester Stallone trained at his gyms and he was a mentor to a young Lou Ferrigno, the Incredible Hulk. He was a champion athlete, a television star, world record holder for incredible feats of strength, a celebrity trainer, magazine publisher and barbell manufacturer. A visionary, ahead of his time, he built a one-man business empire when health and fitness were not yet even part of the American lexicon and he lived everyday of his life by his famous slogan, “Health Is Your Greatest Wealth”.

Born with a hole in his heart and not expected by doctors to live past age five, it is a testament to Dan’s strength and the benefits of the rigorous physical fitness routines he practiced over the years that he was able to overcome all the odds. Lurie not only survived but he thrived and even at 90 years old he continued to work to promote bodybuilding and physical fitness. Dan Lurie’s “World Body Building Guild” was globally renowned and internationally acclaimed for decades on the competitive bodybuilding circuit but together with his grandson, Ian, Dan recently formed “The World Fitness Guild”, a not-for-profit foundation to encompass all things related to sports, health and fitness. At age 90, Lurie still had many ideas and personal designs on seeing them through to fruition with the lofty goal of living at least another decade to become a centenarian! Unfortunately, those dreams were thwarted when he was taken from his loved ones under alleged suspicious circumstances in 2013, which are currently under criminal investigation. In his honor, going forward, the vision for “The World Fitness Guild” will now be realized by his 3 beloved children and 9 beloved grandchildren, all of whom sit on the board of directors of “The World Fitness Guild”.

In a press release dated May 1st 2014, the chairman of the board made the following statement:

“On behalf of the true Lurie family, we will not be dissuaded by the evils of this world and we intend to honor the legendary legacy of our cherished patriarch. As he taught us, we will continue to exercise our bodies and exercise our minds and endeavor to grow the World Fitness Guild into one of the most preeminent charitable foundations of it’s kind, globally.”